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Private Instruction

Come join our tribe! Learn Modern Tribal Improvisational Belly Dance, which fuses Tribal Style Improv with Vespertina Fusion Style funk and flair as well as Tribal Fusion choreography and concepts!


The classes focus not only on dance moves and posture but also sharp technique, grace and fitness. It's belly dance with a Vespertina twist!


The classes include a warm up and cool down, and a complete breakdown of moves, postures, and techniques. Everyone is welcome regardless of body type, shape, size, gender, or dance background.


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Class Descriptions



Style Definitions


Fundamentals of Tribal Improv -Beginning/Mixed Levels

(drop in based, on-going, no session start dates)

7:00-8:15-ish PM

$15 drop in, see costs tab for discount options


Tribal Shake and Bake - Intermediate/Mixed Levels

(drop in based, on-going, no session start dates)


8:15-9:30 PM

$15 drop in, see costs tab for discount options






Balance - A belly dancers tool-kit - Mixed Levels

(drop in based, no session start dates, mixed topics)



$15 drop in, see costs tab for discount options.


Advanced Workshop/Performance Prep - Advanced


8:00-9:30 PM




(Modern Tribal Improv - Beginning and Mixed Level) - Drop-in based

Introduces and develops the Vespertina Style vocabulary of movement emphasizing the technique, posture, foundation and form that is essential for improvisational tribal style. It's modern tribal improvisational dance with a “Impro-fusion” twist! Class includes a warm-up and cool-down, breakdown and drilling of essential vocabulary and basic zil drills (finger cymbals). This beginning class is open to all levels of dancers. Please bring zils (finger cymbals), if you have them,and a water bottle to class.



(Modern Tribal Improv - Mixed Level) - Drop-in based

This Class expands upon foundation movements from the Fundamentals class and starts to introduce formation work as well as lead/follow exercises. Shake and Bake is a little bit of everything rolled into one. Learn variations and embellishments, as well as lead work, chorus work, and combinations. This is a mixed level class. Attendance is by INSTRUCTOR PERMISSION ONLY, and previous Tribal Improv or experience of some kind is required. Please email Molly to discuss your participation. Please bring zils and a water bottle to class. There are student performance opportunities at this level.









(Mixed Styles - Mixed Levels)Session OR Drop-in Based

In this  format we will be focusing on technique, movement exercises, strengthening, and dance drills to help “Balance” you out as a dancer and challenge  you. In addition to these exercises, we will also have a monthly focuses to help keep the mind sharp and the creative juices flowing. Some examples of monthly themes include (but are not limited to!!!): layering, footwork, floor work, musicality, zil drills, fusion choreography, improv exercises...the list goes on! This class is suited best for people who have some previous belly dance experience. Please bring a yoga mat and water bottle to class.



(Advanced Level) - Drop-in based

This class concentrates on the key elements for improvisational cue dancing and formation work. Transitions, varying zil patterns, balancing, layering, and floor work are examples of topics covered. Both the Modern Tribal Improv and Tribal Fusion Style will be explored. Students will also learn choreography, stage presence, entrances and exits and have the opportunity to perform at local events. Class is by AUDITION ONLY. Please email Molly to discuss your participation. This class MUST be taken concurrently with Belly Dance Conditioning and Drills/Balance! To be able to accomplish some of the more advanced movements and principles of performance dancers need to have a strong core of isolation, drills, and conditioning to build off of. For serious students only!


(This class is by AUDITION ONLY and MUST be taken concurrently with Balance!)




$15 - drop in per individual class

$52 - 4 class card (valid for 3 months)

$96 - 8 class card (valid for 3 months)

$132 - 12 class card (valid for 6 months)



*Accepted payments methods are check, cash, or credit card (at studio only)

*Please see below for credit card options outside of studio.

*NO refunds on workshops, classes, class cards, or monthly unlimited, no exceptions.

*NO make-up classes or pro-rated rates permitted for session-based classes.



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**All classes are held at A Living Arts Centre*



A Living Arts Centre

2231 South Platte River Drive, Denver, Colorado 80223


Parking is across the street from the studio, on the river side.


What is MTI (Modern Tribal Improv)?

Modern Tribal Improvisational Belly Dance (MTI) is a dance form created by Molly McClellan of The Vespertina Dance Project that has its roots in American Tribal Style® Belly Dance (ATS®) and adds a Tribal Fusion flavor. MTI is a blend of ATS® and Tribal Fusion elements that enables dancers to incorporate both styles so they can have the “best of both worlds”.


Modern Tribal Improv takes the guidance and rules of ATS® and shakes them up. In MTI, you will not only find traditional ATS® right side leading, but left side, and center leading as well. This enables the dancer to balance out their body and give attention to the entire audience in front of them. By making fusion styled movements “cue-able”, MTI dancers are enabled to continue to push their boundaries as dancers, add and explore new elements and concepts to their dance repertoire while still being able to incorporate more traditional ATS® movements.


Another distinction of MTI is that the costuming can not only include layers of fabric, and heavy, ethnic jewelry; it also allows for modern and fusion styled elements to be added depending on the music selection.


Performances can consist of a traditional chorus or circle of dancers providing a backdrop for solos, duets, trios in addition to specialized formations designed for MTI. Performances are seldom choreographed but rather cued from a vocabulary of movement by the designated lead dancer, thus the dance is different every single time! This encourages a spirit of team work, awareness and cooperation; all parts of being a "tribe."


What is Tribal Fusion?

The link below is the best and most accurate definition that I have found on what Tribal Fusion is and I couldn't have said it any better:


Intro to Tribal Fusion by Jasmine June


Here are the current yoga offerings. If you can't make class, Molly is available for private lessons!

Have a Question about what to wear? What to Bring? Check out our Frequently Asked Questions Page!


There are no yoga classes scheduled at this time.

Private Instruction - Belly Dance

Need a little one-on-one instruction? Private Belly Dance Lessons are available!


Interested in taking your practice to the next level? Need help with a choreography? Curious about learning a new prop or technique? With a private lesson, you can get instruction specifically tailored to your needs. All levels are welcome! Topics can range from basic movement, to sword and zil work, floor work, choreography, theatrics, music phrasing, and more! All lessons include a warm up, cool down, and an individualized lesson plan.


One hour of instruction is $50 or split a lesson with a friend for $40 per student.


Private lessons are held at Molly's home studio, Red Elephant Workshop, in Denver *OR* via Belly Skype.


Video Consultation - Belly Dance

Need a little coaching, feedback on a choreography/performance or instruction, but don't live close to the Metro Denver area? Molly does video consultation and Skype sessions. Contact her for information and rates.


Choreography - Belly Dance

Need a choreography? Molly offers choreography services that can be tailored to suit your needs.  Contact her for rates and more information.


Private Instruction - Yoga

Molly is available for one-on-one yoga sessions, small group classes, and can craft yoga sequences for your home practices based on your individual needs and goals. Contact her for rates and more information.