Class Docs



Dance History:

FatChanceBellyDance® –- an article about the ATS® style and history(The Mothership!!).

Tribal Belly Dance.Organ article by Sharon Moore detailing the different styles of Tribal Belly Dance

JoyFull Dance –- An article about the origins and history of Belly Dance


Helpful Links and Reading:

Dancers Checklist – Almost everything you could possibly need pre-performance! - Your one stop shop for all things belly dance!

Tribal Belly Dance.Org –- One stop resource shopping for articles, links, etc. on Tribal Belly Dance


Music, Books, DVD's: - a list of recommended Books, DVD's and Music that I have put together for my students.


Other Music:

Aisha Ali

Beats Antique

Gypsy Caravan

Hamsa el Din


Tim Rayborn

Kara Nomadica –- Fabulous Local Middle Eastern Band

Zel Hayal – ElecTribal Tribal Fusion Music, here in Colorado (and Zel is also a beautiful dancer!)


Other Books:

The Tribal Bible –- I believe that it is now out of print, but if you can find it, it's a great book!



Kult of Athena – This is the place that sells the scimitars that we dance with

Saroyan – My favorite vendor for zils. I love the company and the quality of their product!




D.I.Y. Costuming Links:


Coin Bra






B.A. Star – High performance dance make-up and glitter

Eye Candy – Another great place for giltter!

M.A.C. – A little more spendy for make-up but the quality and color varieties!

Medusa Make-up – Cruelty free and amazing colors!

Sephora – One stop shopping for a ton of great brands



Grassroots Beadery - Chris makes beautiful jewels and dance clothing!

Gypsy Beads – Local Denver artisan who makes beautiful sparklies in a wide range of products!

Magic Carpet Dance Arts – Cynthia makes quality

Silk Road Tribal – Tons of jewelry, textiles, and DIY components from the lovely Katherine!

Tawapa – Beautiful and well made organic jewelry

Tribal Souk – New Mexico based store that has a stunning selection of antique Indian silver amongst other vintage jewelry, and the owners Flo and Duane rock!



Ashner by Elizabeth- Comfortable, fashionable, and affordable performance and practice wear.

FCBD® – Home of the mother ship where you can get a wide variety of tribal goodies!

FoolProof – Unique pieces from a unique lady!

Fluevog – Stylish and comfortable! What more in a shoe could you ask for?

Unicorn Belly Dance – Local Denver dancer and vendor that sells all types of belly dance goods!

Julia DiVerdi Designs – My dance partner and her funky and sassy original tribal designs.

Kathleen Crowley – Vintage styled and lovely!

Melodia Designs – Creator of the original flared dance pant!

Rosehips – Unique, comfortable, and versatile hip wear by Rose! She kicks ass!

SnakeChurch – Delicious skirts and luscious designs!

Tribe Nawaar – Jennifer is your one stop shopping for all things tribal in the Denver/Boulder area!

Wild Card – Great belts, bags, wallets and more!


Colorado Belly Dance – Local Yahoo Group

Colorado Belly Dance Calendar – A place to check out all of the upcoming events in Colorado

Denver Belly Dance – Local Yahoo Group

Ethnic Rhythms – Local Yahoo Group

Shimmy America! - a locally started website that has dancers, classes, and events for ALL styles of belly dance for the US and Canada!


Dance Festivals:

Cues and Tattoos – Improv based Tribal Festival held in April in Seattle

Dance From Within - an annual yoga and belly dance retreat in the Santa Cruz Mountains of California in June of every year

Elevation – Colorado's own Tribal Festival held in Golden, CO

Jamballah NW - A wild weekend of Belly Dance and Fusion in Portland, OR

TribalCon- Tribal Festival held in Atlanta, GA. Hosted by Z'iah and Awalim

Tribal Fest –- *THE* Tribal Belly Dance Festival! Held in beautiful Northern California in May of every year. An amazing amount of instructors, performances and vending!



Fundamentals Class Moves

Basic Zil Patterns and Instruction


Tribal Shake and Bake:

Shake and Bake Class Moves

Tribal Formations


Drills and Conditioning:

15 Point Isolation Exercise


Advanced/Performance Troupe:

Audition Procedures

Troupe Expectations

Advanced Class Moves

Local Dancers/Websites:

Joanna Ashleigh - Vespertina Guest Artist and wonderful dancer!

Bravo Belly Dance - Tribal Sistahs to the South!

Julia DiVerdi - Belly Dance and Burlesque in Fort Collins

Mizmar Madness - Colorado Springs Lovelies

Orchid Mei – Local Burlesque star and worldwide sensation

Phelyx – Illusionist extraordinaire!

Phoenix - friend and fellow dancer (and Southerner!)

Sadie and Kaya - dynamic dance duo in Denver

Suzanna DelVecchio - amazing instructor and dancer

Tribe Nawaar - Improv dance company in Boulder, led by the wonderful Jennifer Secrist-Goran!

Zaheerah - Eqyptian Belly Dance in Denver



Ashley Lopez – My Mentor and Friend and beyond spectacular dancer and performer :)

Colleena – goddess.

Devyani- Megha, my first tribal dance teacher.

Elise Morris –  Graceful, fluid, beautiful.

FatChanceBellyDance - the mother ship.

Gypsy Fire!! - Most favouritest Tribal Improv Sisters!!

John Compton and Hahbi’Ru - I will travel far and wide to learn from him! R.I.P.

Kami Liddle - Luscious movement and all around sweetie

Mardi Love - Mad Mad love for this dancer and her talent!

Rachel Brice - The one, the only.

Unmata - tough love belly dance

Urban Tribal - Heather is such an inspiration

Zoe Jakes - Friend and Powerhouse.


Body Work:

Theresa Zordan - I don't let anyone else touch me. She's magic!


Causes Near and Dear to My Heart:

Bat Conservation International

Bat World Sanctuary

Elephant Sanctuary

MidAmerica Boston Terrier Rescue