Signature Style



Hot off the Press! - New movement concepts debut! (NEW for 2016)

(Intermediate to Advanced)

Come get 'em while they're hot! The latest and greatest Vespertina Tribal Fusion and Tribal Improv combos are fresh out of our movement vaults! This workshop will feature all of the fun concepts and movements that we are working on right now. You saw it here first folks!


Vespertina Signature Style – Slink, Sass and Sauce

(Intermediate to Advanced)

Straight from Vespertinas  Modern Tribal Improv movement cache comes

slow, graceful undulations and turns, to medium tempo hip hop stylized combos you’ll love to add to your improv or choreography! Complete with left side leading and accompanying zil patterns.


Vespertina Signature Style – Fancy, Fast, and Funky!

(Intermediate to Advanced)

Hot and spicy is what’s on the menu for this Vespertina “Impro-Fusion” workshop! Complete with short “drop-in” cue-able movements and dual directional combos. We will also add in left side leading and saucy zil patterns.


Presto Chango!- Creative fades, switches and lead changes

(Intermediate to Advanced)

Get ready to delve into movements and methods for dynamic line changes and lead switches that will get you moving around your dance partners and using the stage! In this fast paced workshop, we will explore multiple formation options, footwork patterns, turns, and dual hip leading, using movements from Vespertinas signature MTI vocabulary, as well as a few ATS favourites. Please bring zils if you have them.


Combo Commotion

(Intermediate to Advanced)

Is learning a choreography not your cup of tea? Want bite sized pieces of dance-y goodness that you can take home with you and play with in your Fusion *AND/OR* Improv dance lifestyle? Let's cause a commotion together! This workshop bring you the sass, sauce, and slink that Molly is known for with all new signature combinations that you can add into your Fusion choreographies or Improv vocabularies. We'll explore a variety of tempos, footwork patterns, and layers.




It's all about the sandwich! - Creating unique isolation patterns (NEW for 2016)

(Intermediate to Advanced)

It's hard to deny the power of a delicious sandwich! In this workshop we will be discussing the concepts behind and creating isolation sandwiches. We'll whip up a few creations together and then up “sandwich ante” by taking them “to go” (traveling), “Give me the double decker, please” (combining some of our favourites), and “Can I get that with extra secret sauce?” (adding zil patterns to the movements). Mmmm. Sandwich.


Oh the places you'll go! - A traveling workshop (NEW for 2016)

(Intermediate to Advanced)

Here to there, to and fro, we'll get you moving and shaking hither and thither. This workshop is all about traveling, turning and getting around. We'll explore foot patterns, steps and turns that you can add to some of your existing movement vocabulary and come up with some traveling combos of our own! You'll be where you need to be in no time!


The Power of Three! - Exploring Group Improv in an Uncommon Time Signature (NEW for 2016)

(Intermediate to Advanced)

As a Group Improv dancer, sometimes you find music that you would LOVE to dance to, but it's not in the right time signature! In this workshop, we will work with music in a three (or sometimes a six), breaking down specific zil patterns and improv movements to fit the music. Familiarity with basic ATS® movements and finger cymbals will be helpful, but not required.


Arm Charm

(All levels)

Charm them with strong and graceful arm and hand work! Focusing on key elements necessary for powerful arm and hand work, we will delve into strengthening and flexibility exercises that are essential for charming arms. In addition to drill work, we will also touch on different types arm patterns and variations as well as hand movements.


Footwork Fever

(Intermediate to Advanced)

Would you like a little more “spring” in your step? More fun and fanciness in your feet? More creative ways to slide, glide, and get around on stage? Sounds like you have Footwork Fever!

This workshop will take you though a variety of footwork patterns, traveling steps, turns, and variations to help make your footwork more exciting and complex. Not enough to cure your fever? We'll add layers over some of the footwork as well as teach you some sassy combos that incorporate your newfound foot fanciness!


Fusion Feet and Finger Cymbals!

(Intermediate to Advanced)

In this workshop we will be exploring new and fun zill patterns to

liven up your dancing, no matter what the style. Focusing on new patterns we will combine our zilling with some fun tribal fusion combinations (complete with footwork!) that you can incorporate into your own dancing. This workshop is best for people who have some previous finger cymbal (zilling) experience. Please bring your finger cymbals.


Shimmy Shop

(All Levels)

Shimmy-shimmy, into your one-stop shimmy shop! Have a solid shimmy, but want a new paint job? Is your shimmy broken and needs an overhaul? This fast paced workshop not only incorporates key drills to improve your shimmy technique, but also spices it up by adding a fun variety of shimmy styles, and foot work possibilities! This workshop is appropriate for all levels and all styles of belly dance(not just tribal!!).


Spinning is Winning - Conquering the Calibrated Spin

(All Levels)

Does calibrated spinning send you into a dizzy spiral? Do you feel like you're "spinning out of control" when you calibrate? Do you love to spin and want to explore more options to play with? If so, come conquer the calibrated spin!  Focusing on drills and fun tricks, you'll be turned into a joyful spinner in no time. Not only will this workshop include spotting and angling tips, spinning in both directions will be explored.  If time allows, some fun Tribal Improv based movements and set ups that utilize calibrated spins will be touched upon as well. Previous exposure to calibrated spinning is helpful, but not required. This workshop is for dancers who would like to learn how to execute calibrated spins, refine their calibrated spins, or for anyone who just enjoys them!


Tribal Trifle

(Intermediate to Advanced)

Learn how to add dimension and complexity to your belly dance with layers of isolations! In this workshop we will challenge your body AND mind with drills, exercises, and combos that combine multiple dance movements. We'll show you layers made simple and more challenging variations so you can layer away with delicious confidence! Great for all STYLES of belly dance.

Teeter-totter - A movement playground date! (NEW for 2016)

(Intermediate to Advanced)

Up, down, side, side...up up down down side side. In this workshop, we will work on utilizing levels and planes to bring more dynamics to your movements and combinations. Dancers will learn new combinations, create their own movement sequences, and then practice and apply the teeter-totter effect!


Emotional Improv – Adding Depth to Technique (NEW for 2016)

(All Levels)

Sometimes as dancers we get so focused on technique that we forget about other elements that not only enrich our (and the audience members) dance experience, but also add depth to our dance. We will work through dance exercises tapping into emotions, how to express them, and how to translate them into workable movement for performance. This workshop can be tailored to Tribal Improv dancers focusing on an ATS® based movement vocabulary or can be structured to suite any style of belly dance


Time Warp – Playing with Tempo (NEW for 2016)

(All levels)

Changing the speed, or tempo, is a fun way to add variety and spice to your dance vocabulary and performances. We will begin by creating our own combinations and sequences, then manipulate them at different speeds to change their look and feel. If time remains, we will add traveling and turning to our tempo time warp manifesto! This workshop is suitable for ALL styles of belly dance.



Combo Machine - All you need is a quarter! (NEW for 2016)

(All Levels)

Put a quarter in the combo machine and pull yourself out of the mud! This interactive workshop is about challenging your brain and expanding outside of the box for a fun way to come up with new combinations and movements when you're feeling creatively stuck or if you just want to play! As a group we will come up with starting concepts, a vision and end goal, put a quarter in our “combo machine” shake it up and see what comes out! Bring an open mind and a sense of play.


Space- Expanding your frontier

(Advanced Beginner to Advanced)

Standing in one spot on the stage shouldn't be your "Final Frontier". Explore new stage horizons!

In this workshop we'll work on floor patterns, creative exercises, movement manipulations, and dancer collaborations designed to help you to expand your use of the stage and the space around you. A writing instrument and paper is essential for this workshop, so please bring them. Also, don't forget to bring your hydration unit!


Dance Games

(All Levels)

Take your dance and play with it, turn it upside-down, and inside out! In this class, we will explore a variety of dance "games" to push your dance boundaries and creativity.. Topics will range from partnering exercises, adventures in improv of all varieties (not just tribal), and fun ways to come up with new combinations. Please bring an open mind and a sense of humor.